Trident International Windy City

Annual CupCake Wars!

Our 6th Annual Cup Cake Wars!


Sunday April 7, 2017

Doors Open 4:30 PM

Ballots available 4:45 PM

Judging starts at 5:00 PM


Ballots are $5 each Proceeds going to

Broadway Youth Center.




CupCake Wars! is a very sweet means for area LGBTQA and BDSM organizations to come together to raise money for our selected charity.


We raise funds through the purchase of "ballots" by attendees and through "tips" raised by the bakers.


The ballots and tips determine a "fan favorite". By use of a Cake Walk auction the bakers can increase their raised tips. To add another dimension to the competition we also enlist a panel of judges to determine the best most creative and best tasting cupcake.

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