Trident International Windy City

Trident's Anniversary Run: Neptune

To celebrate our founding, we will gather family and friends for NEPTUNE. This is our occasionally scheduled event held in our home town of Chicago in late July.


On a similar scope and size, we join some of our Leather Sisters & Brothers to form "Menage a Trois", hosted in New Orleans.


2019 marks the Second itiration of MENAGE A TROIS. Billed as "A Family Affair" and will join the forces of Conductors L/L of Nashville, TN; Crescent City Outlaws of New Orleans, LA and Trident International Windy City of Chicago, IL


For details, please follow the link:


Menage A Trois II


Past Event/Run Pins

Neptune I



Chicago, IL


Neptune II



Chicago, IL


Menage a Trois



New Orleans, LA


Neptune III

Fantasy Island


Chicago, IL


Neptune IV

Mystery de la Griffon


Chicago, IL


10th Anniversary



Chicago, IL