Trident International Windy City


all details for this event will be shared here and on the pages listed to the left.


menage a Trois is no like most "runs". it is an even more relaxed, laid back, affair. this event is not sanctioned by any organization and may not include all the familiar activities.


we are still getting fine details together but there will be food, drinking and camaraderie, but likely no "games".


if you have never been to new orleans for a run, there are some distinct difference. mainly, expect to walk. everything will be close to where you stay. there is no "host hotel", but there is a lot of guest houses, inns and B&Bs to choose from in the immediate area. the schedule will likely be very loose with lots of freedom to explore the Quarter & Marigny - but you may wish to give yourselves an extra day or 2 to experience more on your own.



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